Shaped wires

From simple shapes to very complex shapes, the strength of Ugitech resides  in its capacity to meet very tight tolerance. The industrial capacity of Ugitech equips them for on-time supply for both large and short term projects. Ugitech shaped wire are widely used in the oil & gas, mining, water and pulp & paper industries.
Simple shapes: Triangular, square, oval, drop shapes, round flat bars or flat edges and half-round bars.
Complex shapes: Our technical experts are available to study, design and engineer with you your complex shapes. Our manufacturing possibilities: 2 to 70 mm, 2 cross section.

Our isosceles triangles are mainly dedicated to Oil and Gas filtration.

Click here for further information on shaped wires (Profile – UGISHAPE brochure)


Mohamed Imran Kajee | Country Manager
Phone: +27 11 6263370

Katrin Jansen Van Vuuren| Sales/Operations  Manager
Phone: +27 11 6263370

Daphne Goddard | Assistant Branch Manager
Phone: +27 41 4531938

Thomas Boecker | Branch Manager
Phone: +27 21 9321201


Automotive industry
Mechanical and plant engineering
Energy Industry
Medical technology
Food and packaging industry
Structural and civil engineering
Hydraulic elements
Chemical industry