It takes top quality to mine the depths.

Safety takes priority during mining operations. Production equipment must be capable of running without breaking down or any system or component failures in order to perform reliably under permanent use. Outages constitute a major safety risk and downtime results in huge costs. Our customers can rely on the effectiveness of our high-performance steels – even at a depth of 1,000 meters under the ground.

We provide tailored products and the exact solutions that can withstand the kind of permanent and extreme short-term stresses commonly encountered in mining operations. We not only pay attention to ensuring a long service life and specific properties in terms of wear-resistance and fatigue strength, but also always keep efficiency and safety firmly in mind.


David Owen | CEO
Phone: +27 31 7005844
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Katrin Jansen Van Vuuren| Sales/Operations  Manager
Phone: +27 11 6263370
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Daphne Goddard | Assistant Branch Manager
Phone: +27 41 4531938
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Thomas Boecker | Branch Manager
Phone: +27 21 9321201
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Product Groups:
Stainless, Acid- and Heat-resistant Steel
Tool Steel
High-Grade Structural Steel
Bright Steel
Special Steel