Swiss Steel South Africa – Johannesburg

The Swiss Steel South Africa headquarters are located in Johannesburg and was established in 1971.

Today, the company activities are focused on providing its customers  with the widest range of tool steels, bright steels, stainless steels, and engineering steels for the most demanding markets.
Thanks to our warehouse located in  the same facility, most of our mills’ grades are available on stock with a large range of diameters (bar products) or dimensions (blocks and flats).

In addition to the sales office and the warehouse, the facility also includes a service center providing the following steel related services: Cut to length, just-in-time delivery and technical support, with a high level of flexibility.

In Johannesburg, our local team is available to cooperate with its customers to find the best steel solution meeting the requirements of specific applications.

How to find it


Swiss Steel South Africa
36 Crucible Road
Phone: +27(0)11 626 3370
Fax: +27(0)11 626 2191

Katrin Jansen Van Vuuren| Sales/Operations  Manager
Phone: +27 11 6263370